Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Cards

I got my first Christmas Card in the mail this week. It's already taped up on our back door and I hope the space fills up quick with lovely little Christmas Greetings! also made me realize how terribly behind I already am on our Christmas Cards. I don't even know what I am going to do! Then...I remembered a post from Christine's Blog about getting 50 FREE Christmas cards from Shutterfly. So...I went and looked and decided that's exactly what I'll do too. They are all so darling but I fell in love with all the Blue cards (surprise?). Like this one:

So, now I need to find some good pictures of Mark and I and I'll have my Christmas cards ready to mail out in no time!

So I couldn't help but browse around the rest of Shutterflys site and look at all the darling things they have. I can't spoil my surprises, but I will say that I might just be using their cool canvas prints for a gift this year.

It's getting down to the wire here...but if you want 50 Free Christmas Cards click on this link. You have until Wednesday, so hurry up!