Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Epic Snow Day

24" of Fresh Fluffy Snow! My day couldn't have been any better. Mark and I were planning on going skiing all week, but when we woke up early and saw the snow reports blood started pumping through our veins! Powder we come!

I wish I could better describe how "Epic" the snow really was. When we got there the lifts weren't open yet and we were among the large crowd of people just waiting at the top of the hill, starring at the huge range of never been touched snow, standing in powder up to our knees, our hearts racing, our knees shaking with anticipation. Then....the mad dash down the mountain to the lift began! It was like sailing through a whimsical winter wonderland. perfect!

The first few runs on each lift were the best. Since we were always part of the leading pack we got first dibs down each run. Cutting through powder has never been so exhilarating. But it didn't last forever. After a few hours the freshly fallen snow became packed and trailed on. Still made for great boarding, but we were spoiled and wanted the mountain to ourselves again. This might quite possibly go down in history as the best ski day ever!

Some other highlights, we had a nice greasy lunch at the lodge and warmed up a bit. Although it made for great snow, it was absolutely FREEZING on the mountain. Good thing we bundled up!


Ski Nerd.

Mark has always thought that the view up Ogden Canyon looks like The Chronicles of Narnia. After seeing it like this today I couldn't agree more. Beautiful!

Frozen Waterfall...some of God's finest art.


Lauren and Steve said...

Ah.. So jealous! Looks like so much fun!! We finally got some snow here... 1/4th of an inch.. Yay! Lol

MelanieBrenchley said...

Wow oh wow I'm jealous! Looks like an absolute blast!

McCall said...

Love your snow outfit! The color is beautiful!