Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mo-tab, David, Pizza and Netflix...Yup

I think I'll pull out my "Vote for David Archuleta" t-shirt again and wear it, because that boy is one beautiful singer! Especially when accompanied by the fab-dab Mo-Tab choir. Woo-wee! We had such a great time at the concert, and we owe a big thanks to Steve and Mel for letting us use 2 of their 4 tickets (and thanks to Marky for entering their address into the drawing). But seriously...David. I love me some David!

Prior to the concert we out to dinner to Settabello Pizzaria Napoletana! Not many pizza parlors get the seal of approval from the Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN)...some sort of honorary pizza club...or something, but Settabello sure does. I've never been to Italy, but boy I sure felt like I was eating real Italian pizza. SIDENOTE: Notice how all of our plates are entirely cleaned off.

And on a completely different subject...Mark and I got Netflix. Now instead of wasting my time watching stupid TV shows on bunny-ears, I get to waste my time watching whatever I want on the web. It's fabulous. So far we've become addicted to Dexter...oh boy is it enticing. If you don't have Netflix, well....HERE, get it.

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MelanieBrenchley said...

Loved everything about that night! Good company, good food, and good entertainment! Thanks for the tickets! Let's go there and clean our plates again soon.... and I'll eat your tomatoes:)