Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Off With Her Head!

If I don't figure out something soon I'm going to do something cutting off all my hair again. My bangs are too long and driving me crazy...the color is boring...I'm already about 3 months past my usual haircut...and I don't know what do. HELP!

My hair has been a number of things over the past year. Here...let me remind you:

1. Blondie
2. Red Head
3. Boy-short hair
4. Emo swoop bang
5. Crazy overgrown mess
6. Short blunt bang bob
7. Longer version of blunt bang bob
8. Finally something long enough to pin back
9. Current stage of overgrown mess...

Obviously...I've never really settled in with a look. I guess I just get bored with it being the same. Which is why I need a change again. I could keep growing it out...and possibly go insane in the meantime. There's no need for me to ask for opinions...because I never abide by them anyhow. But, since I am desperate, if you have opinions...they're welcome. Maybe I'll listen to them this time...

On another note...tomorrow I will be basking in the glorious sun in Las Vegas. Yahoo! So excited for our mini vacation. And you know what I CAN NOT wait for...

Here's to a GREAT weekend to come!


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Jessica said...

Michelle - please don't be irrational! And please do as you wish with your hair. You are far braver that I am, so you know my advice would be the grow it out.

Kelly Jean said...

Okay, first of all - PLEASE start following "Valentina Coco" :)

Secondly - I love how free you are with your hair! I think #5 is my favorite out of those pictures... ow OW!! I wish I had some radical idea for you to try.. I'll keep thinkin ;)

Thirdly - CIRQUE DU SOLEIL! AH! I'm JEALOUS! I LOVE those acrobatic shows!! They automatically loosen my jaw to the biggest "ah" shape for like... 2 hours. You're gonna have so much fun!!!

Bryce and Lauren said...

I'm so excited you guys are going to vegas!! I was just thinking that I'm a little bummed I'm not leaving this Sunday for a nice spring break in the sunshine with my girls. Those trips were amazing! And singing church songs in the car...unforgettable :) You and Mark have so much fun! Enjoy your birthdays!!!

Christine Frandsen said...

I love your #2 look. Short, choppy, so cute. If I could pull it if I would, but you totally have the face for short short hair. :)

But, long hair is always a dream. You look good always and forever. :)
Have fun in the LV!

Jemmily said...

Numero dos es mi favorito!!! I love all of them matter what you do you are a hot mamacita and fashion icon!!! Have fun in Vagoose!!

Jesi and Thomas said...

7 and 5 are my favorite. your so gorgeous you look good no matter what you do, even with frumpy face bangs :)