Friday, March 25, 2011

Pompous Wall

Mark and I decided to get our B.S. certificates framed because...well, we're somewhat proud of them. But when we went to pick them up yesterday we couldn't help but laugh at how HUGE they are! And after getting them up on the wall....they look even bigger. So we decided to call this our "Pompous Wall." An entire wall dedicated to our collegiate accomplishments.

I suppose we should have figured they'd be that big...after all we did ask them to include our tassels and cords. But seriously...these frames are more worthy of some doctorate degree.

I will add, however, that Bev's Imports Framing did a fabulous job and gave us exactly what we asked for...if only we knew what we were asking.

1 comment:

Travis and Addie Ohrn said...

haha these look great Michelle! be proud of what you did! You worked hard for 4 years to get an over sized framed diploma up on your wall :)