Monday, March 14, 2011


What a fabulous birthday weekend Mark and I had in Vegas. It was a short trip, but I feel like we accomplished so much and packed in as much fun as possible. And...I know you are just DYING to know every single detail with pictures included. I knew you would here you're welcome.

Day 1:
Thursday we woke up super early and drove down to Vegas. Our first stop...Mandalay Bay to buy student tickets to The Lion King! BEST DEAL EVER...they sell tickets for $25 with a student I.D. the day of the show if they have any left over tickets. Anyway, after our tickets were purchased we walked the strip for a bit and acted like tourists. Mark convinced me to ride the New York New York roller coaster (i don't do well with loops...). Despite the slight queasiness afterward, I must admit that it was pretty darn fun.
That night was The Lion King. It was soooo good. I've heard about the show for years now and could not wait! We had great seats and I couldn't believe all the fabulous costumes, puppets, songs, dances, effects, etc. Truly....Disney doesn't do anything half-a**ed. After the show we did some more sight seeing and Mark HAD to stop at Jack In The Box (BLAH!) for a "Monster Taco". P.S. Customer service has completely gone out the window ordered your meal out a box...A BOX! Don't get me wrong, I love technology...but seriously? We have to order out food from a computer even though there's a worker standing RIGHT THERE!?
Day 2:
So Mark and I are big Discover, Travel, History Channel nerds. One of our favorites is Man vs. Food. When we saw Adam visit the Hash-House A Go Go in Las Vegas one time we knew we had to try it out. The pancakes were the size of my body! Not only were the portion sizes huge, but their breakfast is DE-lectable! I couldn't eat quite as much as Adam...but I will say I was quite impressed with what I scarfed down.
Our next stop...PAWN STARS! Another favorite. I couldn't believe what a hole-in-the-wall this place was. Yet, there was a line going all the way down Las Vegas Blvd just to get in. And it was so worth it, because guess who we saw....CHUM LEE!
Next we went to The Stratosphere. Such a great view of the city from the top...but it's even better when you're being rocketed into the sky. We rode the Big Shot twice...and could have kept going. Thanks to Mark I experienced a whole different side of Las Vegas I've never seen before.
That night we had tickets to go see KA. Before hand we stopped for a quick little dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy where we had the best little Italian dinner and the most beautiful view of the city. KA was everything I heard it would be. The costumes, the acrobats, the AMAZING stage and was just all over AMAZING. Plus they had sweet military discount tickets as well, which my pocketbook also liked :) Highly recommend both the shows we saw this weekend.
Day 3:
Saturday wasn't too exciting. We drove home. I'll spare you the boring desolate pictures of the desert. But...that night we did meet up with Mark's parents and Melanie for an awesome Birthday Dinner for Mark. By and Cath kill me...neither of them could keep their eyes open for a picture. After several attempts we finally caught a glimpse of Byron's eyeballs.
Day 4:
My Birthday! Can't believe I'm 23. Time sure flies. I had a perfect birthday dinner....home-cooked Steak and Potatoes on a Sunday afternoon cooked my none other than my mother dearest. We opened some gifts and had my fav...carrot cake. It truly was the PERFECT BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!
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Travis and Addie Ohrn said...

Looks like so much fuN!! I love all the photo collages to help me through your vacation! :)

Kelly Jean said...

Wow, so fun!!! Nick and I are tossing around the idea of going to Vegas next week... we might just mimic your trip! ;)

PS - THANKS for the sweet comment on my blog - made my day! That was so nice of you :) Funny about that lady - sheesh! Way to not get riled up :)

Robin said...

CHUM LEE!!!! Evan will be so jealous! We LOVE that show! I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful birthday weekend. You deserve it!

Jemmily said...

Aw Shell!!! That sounds soooo fun!!! I'm so glad you got a get-away with your bestie and lover! I hope your birthday was the best!! Love ya!! We need to try to get together again soon!

Beth said...

So glad you two had a great time!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!