Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sunny Days...remember them?

I'm sitting here staring out my window at the slushy snow all over the ground when I realized I never posted about my fabulous day in the SUN with my girlfriends last weekend. How silly of me. So...for my own sake of remembering what it feels like to be outside without a jacket, here it goes...

We don't get together all that often so when we do its always a treat! Especially when it's going to lunch somewhere delicious, like the Blue Plate Diner in SLC. Yumm!

We ate and chatted for a good 3 hours, then finally decided maybe we should give our waiter a break and leave. But...lunch just wasn't enough. We all had the rest of the day to kill so we decided to do some shopping at 9th & 9th. I love their adorable little shops and boutiques there.

Stopping for a little snack at Great Harvest.

Makenzie bought this darling orchid for her new house. So modern, so fresh, so her. Love it.

Good times with the girls...and the sun.

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Malorie said...

As dumb as this sounds.... I looked at the first picture and thought "I dont remember taking that picture. when did we take this?!" needless to say I thought it was me. But its not, she looks very cute though.