Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cutest cubi on the block...

I decided to make my cubicle as "homey" as possible. Because lets face're there half your day anyway. Plus, the guy next to me is very...eclectic, shall we say, and kept saying I needed to personalize my space. So...personalization is what I did.

My cubi walls are as solid as rock, so push pins don't work so on them. So I found these practical cork board panels at JoAnn's, but decided to make them cute by covering them with fabric I found for dirt cheap at HomeFabrics (an all time favorite fabric store). And isn't that lamp DARLING...$15 from TJ-Maxx.

So now I feel quite at home while sitting at my little desk. :)


Robin said...

Oh my gosh! You are amazing. It never would have occurred to me to cover my message boards in designer fabrics. I love the color scheme you chose. Very calming!

Tori said...

Love it! And your hair is adorable!! Question... did you make those pin boards? If so...would you care to tell me where you got the fabric?? The pillows on my couch are that same material but they just came with the couches so I've never been able to find it to maybe make some cute coordinating stuff. Let me know!