Sunday, May 29, 2011

San Antonio/Moab

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It was incredibly NICE to sleep-in today and finally catch up on some much needed sleep after a very LONG week of catching up at work after our very EXCITING vacation to San Antonio and Moab. So, now I get to write about all the fun things we did and all the food we ate (because what's a vacation without excess amounts of food?).

So, Mark had been in Texas for a month doing some military officer training (Aka BOLC). I flew down the last weekend for his graduation and to spend some good quality time together (finally!) in the beautiful city of San Antonio!

First thing firsts...we found ourselves some REAL Texas BBQ. Mark was extremely excited to take me to Rudy's because he knew I would love the authentic log burning BBQ pit, and "order by the pound" meats and handfuls of wonder bread. He was right! It was the best BBQ I have EVER had. So good, in fact, we went again the next day.

After dinner we walked around downtown San Antonio, caught up on our "Alamo History", and enjoyed strolling down by the River Walk. I've been there a couple times before and have always loved the River Walk. Your smack dab in the middle of downtown San Antonio, but you feel like your in the cutest quaintest little town full of life.

Sunday we enjoyed some military church and good ol' southern christian radio. We had lunch on the River Walk at Boudros...a fabulous little Bistro with fresh guacamole made right at your table.

Then we headed off to Sea World to hang out with Shamu and other sea loving creatures. Best part about it...military gets in for FREE. Yet somehow we made up for it by buying ourselves lots of funnel cakes...and dip-in-dots...

Monday was Mark's graduation and we were up at the butt-crack of dawn...because the military doesn't believe in sleeping in. I'm so proud of my little 2Lt. though and all he accomplished! Way to go babe! You're officially an Officer!

After graduation we visited Market Square, which is more a less a mini-Mexico. But...they did have some fabulous Tex-Mex food! Another requirement of our trip that we checked off!

Mark's other requirement....a good STEAK! So, that night we ate at SaltGrass...a steakhouse on the River Walk. Mark got his steak...and I got a giant chocolate brownie Sundae. Sounds about right. We then toured the River Walk on one of the infamous River Boat Cruises.

To finish off Texas right we yet again visited one of the "Man vs Food" hot spots. Lulu's Bakery in San Antonio just so happens to make the largest "Texas Sized" cinnamon roll. Adam has yet to let us was huge...and delicious! We managed to consume maybe 1/5 of it. To bad the rest went to waste.

We then hit the road for Moab. I wish there was something exciting to share about our very long road trip through Texas and New Mexico, but let's face it...there IS NOTHING but flat dessert. After 2 days of driving straight I was ready to have some fun though...and boy did we! We met up with the Montgomery clan and set up camp near Indian Creek, smack dab in the Canyon Lands. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We could hike right up to old Indian ruins, play in the river and waterfall, and ride our bikes on all the trails and sand hills.

One of the days, some of us took a ride up to the BIG sand-hill, where all the men turn into dare devils and race up the sandy slope. Darrin and Jeff had a nasty little spill, but walked away fine. Lets just say many egos were stroked/crushed that day! But I must say...Mark is extremely sexy decked out in his riding gear and handling his bike like it's nobodies business!

Good times are always had around the fire at night, too. I love how Mark is the "favorite" campfire story-teller for all our nieces and nephews. And he's the favorite fireman...always making the best fires and keeping it going all night long. In other words...he's just my favorite. And I loved watching the little kidos eat smores...completely unaware of how sticky and messy they are.

Saturday was the most beautiful site of all though. This right here:

Everyone geared up, with ATV/Dirt Bike in hand, ready for the Day Ride! Man...I married into one cool family, that's all I can say. This day we rode out to the Colorado River and did some fun riding on the big sand hills. I had so much fun riding and practicing my skills in the soft sand. Sure...there were a few bumps along the way. Like one of the kiddos falling off the back of the 4-wheeler, and a flat tire, Darrin almost getting bitten by a snack, and plenty of crashes on my behalf (but at least I can say I made it up the sand hill!).

Well...there you have it! Our fun filled week of awesomeness! More to come on Mark's BOLC (he wants to do a "Guest Post"). Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day Weekend in the meantime!


Stephanie said...

Wow...looks like fun. Glad you got to go to San Antonio...don't you LOVE Rudy's? Def my favorite!

Lauren@ "Happiness is..." said...

OH goodness I just got so jealous because of all the fun things you did! And guacamole made right at your table...mouth watering now. Looks like a blast. Still wish I could have seen you sniffle sniffle.

Kelly Jean said...

What a great trip!!! I love your cute skirt + hat outfit! So stylish. And all that food... mmm! I could go for some of it right now. :)

McCall said...

I need to go to San Antonio! That cinnamon roll looks AMAZING!