Thursday, August 18, 2011

2 Years

These past two years have gone by in the blink of eye, and I can't believe it! I guess we've had our fair share of fun to make it go so quickly. Want to see how we celebrated? Good luck making it through this very long post...

Lets go backwards shall we...mainly because I don't want to rearrange the photos. So, Mark and I took a couple days off to just hang out and have fun to celebrate. Yesterday, we went to Lagoon. My work provided discount tickets so we figured, "Why not? We can finally get that old-time photo we've always wanted." Once in the park we walked straight to Pioneer Village and stood in line for 1-hour to get our photo taken. I'm such a bad-A Saloon girl, and doesn't Mark make one handsome Cowboy!

Of course, Lagoon isn't Lagoon without the rides. Yes...I am one of those "I think I'm gonna throw up" kind of roller-coaster gals. So it's fair to say we hung out by Puff most of the time.

Have you ever stopped to look through all the old shops and museums in Pioneer Village? I always do, and I love them! We managed to break about every single rule though...climbing over fences, climbing on top of "Do Not Climb" objects, touching things that shouldn't be touched. Yea...we're rebels.

As's our shout-out to Food. After taking one such photo I asked Mark, "Why do we always take photos of our food?" His reply, "Because we love food." Enough said.

So the day before (Tuesday) we were up in Logan because we were spending a few nights up at Anniversary Inn. That day we decided to take the short drive up to Bear Lake and get ourselves a Bear Lake Raspberry Shake. Mmm...La Beaus makes such a tasty raspberry shake. Of course we had to stop and buy some fresh raspberries as well. I love Bear Lake. Such fond memories there and such a beautifully blue lake!

We also stopped by the "mall" because...well, we ran out of things to do in good ol' Logan. Mark took me to one of his favorite stores as a kid, Fun Unlimited, and suddenly turned into a giddy teenager getting excited over original Nintendos and PlayStations. I don't know how a store like that manages to stay in business with all that junk.

Our Hotel room was pretty sweet. We had the Biker Roadhouse...complete with motorcycle, pool table, and pin-ball. Every man's dream. Mark said, "I feel really comfortable here, this could be our bedroom at home!" I quickly nixed that one. Don't worry babe...maybe we'll be rich enough to make you "Man Cave" one day.

And as previously posted...Saturday we took Shane and Jessica for their first skydive. Originally we were just taking Shane for his birthday, but about 15 minutes before the jump Jessica got the bug and wanted to jump too. Next thing you know all 4 of us are jumping out of the plane. For more pictures and Jessica's account of the event see her blog HERE.

So, all in all I'd say some fun was had! I sure do love that crazy hubby of mine. Thanks for a fun filled week!


Meggara said...

haha yes to lagoon! i recently blogged two very long lagoon posts because i love it so much. so happy that was a part of your anniversary festivities!

Kelly Jean said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I can't believe it's been 2 years for you guys, either! It feels like we were just barely at the capitol, dancing the night away! :) You guys are so fun and adventurous! And I love that you both appreciate good food. Betty would be proud. (Crocker, of course.)