Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mark's Balloon Jump

So ever since Mark started skydiving 3 years ago, he's dreamed of jumping out of a Hot Air Balloon. Last weekend...his dream finally came true. Friday night we headed out to Tooele and met up with our Balloon guy. It was such a beautiful evening and everything was going perfect!

The balloon was HUGE! It took foooorever for them to blow the thing up. And just when they were ready to start filling it up with hot air...the winds shifted. Boooo! The whole entire balloon started twisting and getting tangled. Needless to say, we had to call it a night. Mark was very bummed.

So...Saturday we drove back out to Tooele for attempt number 2. This time....Success! The ballo0n was up and they were ready to take off in no time. The balloon looked absolutely beautiful in the perfect evening sky. So fun!

Slowly the balloon got smaller and smaller. And then, tiny little dots started falling through the sky! They jumped at about 4,000 feet. Meaning they only had about 15 seconds of free fall (versus your typical minute in a plane jump), and then they pulled their chutes. always such a relief. One of the balloon jumpers actually had to cut away from his chute because it got tangled, so he landed with is emergency chute. Scary!

And there he is...happy as a clown! So glad he had such a fun time. Love him and that crazy sense of adventure. Oh...and thanks to the Jennie, Daren, and Tate for coming out to watch. Tate sure loved that balloon!

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