Monday, October 10, 2011


I once read somewhere that the less you blog the more fulfilling your life is. I'd like to say that's the reasoning for my lack of posts, but lets face it...I just don't have anything exciting to post about.

BUT...TODAY I DO! Guess who just pre-ordered their very own iPhone4S?!

That's! I'm finally trading in my 2007 Blackberry (can you say ghetto!). Can you believe I've had the same phone for over 4 years! It doesn't even know what G's are! Needless to's been time for a upgrade for a looong time. We were holding out for the new "iPhone 5"...but since that isn't happening I'll at least take what I can get.

Ok..ok. So I realize that pre-ordering an iPhone4S isn't really worthy of it's own post. I couldn't agree more. But I was really starting to feel the bug for blogging and this was the best thing I could come up with.

To make it worthwhile for you all...enjoy this video:

I laugh every time! "Blueberries, blue...!"

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