Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oh, Seattle...

Dear Marcus-
Remember that one time when we actually did something fun with our life and went to Seattle!? I'm feeling a little bored myself, so let's reminisce on some more exiting times...

Mark and I went to Seattle in January to visit our dear friends Luke and Suz and their two cutie-pie boys. It was Luke's birthday and Suz had this great idea to plan a surprise vacation for us to come up and visit. So, Mark and I hopped on a plane, landed in Seattle, Suz picked us up, and we drove to their house only to surprise Luke while he was almost asleep in bed. It was awesome! 

They live in Anacortes (aka Fidalgo Island), which is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I was born in Seattle (Renton to be exact) and so I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Washington. But, it had been FOREVER since I had gone back to visit so it was so great to get to see it all again. The first day we were there they showed us around their neck of the woods. First stop...Deception Pass!
Cute Little Larson Family.

View from atop Deception Pass
Still wondering how such things are built?
Mark was freaking out as we drove over the bridge (he's not to keen on deep sea water), but it was an absolutely beautiful view. The bridge is so architecturally perfect and I still can't believe that human beings can build such things.

There is this quaint little beach you can walk down to that had the neatest pebbles lining the shore. I wanted to steal a bunch and bring them home with me! But I realized lugging around rocks and trying to pass security at the airport probably wasn't a great idea.

Daxey boy on the beach.
Uncle Mark throwing rocks.
Carter following his lead...
Did I mentioned how GREEN everything is? Ok, I guess that goes without saying. This is Washington after all. 

That day we also hiked (ok...drove) atop Mount Erie. Everywhere you look you see another island! You could see the Olympic Mountain Range, the Cascades, the San Jaun Islands, Guemes Islands. It was SO BEAUTIFUL!

Day 2 we drove down to Seattle for a day filled of "touristy" things. Starting with the Space Needle and my favorite...Pike's Place. Love, love, love the fresh fish, fruits and veggies galore.
Riding the train into the city.

I asked the man if I could kiss the fish. He REALLY made sure I got a kiss alright.

We ate lunch at Ivar's Fish & Chips. You can't go to Seattle and be sitting at the pier without eating some fish & chips! We made sure to keep some left overs to feed the Seagulls. I hate Seagulls...and this didn't change my mind about them one bit!

Next up...Shopping! I can honestly say this is first time I have ever gone shopping with Mark where he wasn't whining like a baby for being there. THANK YOU LUKE, for keeping Mark entertained while Suz and I did a little self-indulging.

OF COURSE I went to the Nordstrom Mother-Ship. Hello!

 That night we stopped to see the Seattle Temple. It was gorgeous all lit up at night. Random fact...the Seattle Temple is one of the few Temples where the angel Moroni doesn't face East. Instead...his trumpet sounds to the North.

Day 3 was bitter-sweet because we didn't want our little trip to end. We finished it off by doing some more site seeing in Anacortes and having lunch and the famous Anthony's (YUM!).

Did I mention it snowed the whole time we were there? I guess that's where Utah's winter went this year.
Tug Boat beach is just stacked with washed-up logs. No wonder Carter loves this beach so much, it's a jungle gym!
Tugboat Beach.
Downtown Anacortes. Such a quaint little town with the most darling houses you ever will see.
Anacortes Pier. Someday we might just own a yacht worthy of such a place...not.
How is this the only picture we got of all of us?
Last picture of the Larson's before we head for the airport.
Carter was NOT happy to see us go. According to him "Uncle Mark is really fun and nice because he plays with me."
Best Friend. Such goof-balls. The perfect match.
 That wraps up Seattle. We had a blast hanging out with these guys. We sure hope we get to do it again sometime soon. Not only was Washington the perfect weekend get-away, but it was with perfect company. Oh, Seattle...


Jessica said...

Looks like fun! and I can't believe you REALLY KISSED a fish. YUCK!

emma said...

i'm so jealous, we love washington!!! anacortes was part of my husband's mission and he took me back there last year, it was so much fun! washington really is so beautiful.

Meggara said...

i need to go to that mountain and beach and pier. i go to seattle more than anywhere else and i rarely get out of my sister's house let alone go see so many beautiful things! you have inspired me.