Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fonda's 100th

This sweet little lady is my Great-Grandma, Fonda. She turned 100 years old this past Tuesday and we celebrated today by throwing her a partay!

What an accomplishment 100 years is! Can you imagine living that long! Part of me would like to, while the other part of me thinks that that's about 20 years too long!

What a whipper-snapper she is, though. Other than some lose of hearing, she has remained relatively healthy all these years! Only now is her poor body starting to give out on her, but she had a goal to make it to 100 and by golly she made it!

Happy Birthday Great-Grams. Love you.


Lauren@ "Happiness is..." said...

That's amazing!

Christine Frandsen said...

wow! yay! so neat.

Jessica said...

love you. miss you. bless you.

I just love that lady. And I hope I have as healthy and full of a life as she's had.

Jessica said...

and on a side note. I hope you have your 'teeth' when you are 80 too.