Sunday, May 6, 2012

April and such...

My oh my, April has been such a busy month that I don't even remember what all happened. Thank goodness I have some events documented so I can go back and remember. Let's see...

My sweet sweet great-grams passed away shortly after her 100th birthday party. Her funeral was such a tender moment and I took note of some of the things said about Fonda that made me want to be more like her. Such as:

  • At the age of 98 she visited the Dr. for a check-up (which was rare, she hated doctors and never had any use for them, she was as healthy as a horse her whole life). When the nurse asked her what the best thing about being 98 was she replied, "Well...there's no peer pressure."
  • Once my Grandpa (her son) was curious as to what alcohol tasted like. Rather than condemning such thoughts, she told him that if he ever went to try it he better bring her along so she could try it too. Needless to say...they never went. 
  • Her philosophy on health, "Eat foods that spoil, and eat them before they do." 
  • Once my cousin asked her when she gained a testimony of the church. She replied without hesitation, "I have always known the church is true. I was born knowing it was true."

I tried a street taco for the first time in my life. My co-workers often walk down to the stands located on the corner of Sear's downtown. I was hesitant and feared it would be just like my terrible Beto's experience. In the end, for a $3 taco it's not bad, but I don't think I'll be going back. Let's just say those are some dense tacos and don't sit so well with me.

I have now been working for Ken Garff Corporate for 1 year! That means I finally qualify for a 401K and PTO (Yay! I'm so grown up).  I can't believe how fast the time has gone by and I can truly say that my job is great! I have loved working for such a great company and working with some of the most talented/fun/smart people I know. I see only good things to come.

As tradition would have it, we made it out to the SuperCross race at Rice Eccles last weekend. This is always a fun event to go to every year, especially this year because it didn't rain!

Look at us 3 years ago at the same race! Such babies! We weren't even engaged then, just so head-over-heels in love!

Mark had to got the bathroom really bad, and apparently the men's bathroom line was really long. His friend/coworker whom he ran into helped disguise him and snuck him into the women's bathroom (which apparently had no line at all).  Nice....I know.

There are tons of other pictures of Mark hanging out in the pits before the race started. I wouldn't even know where to begin with explaining which rider is whom and what bikes were the coolest. So, maybe I'll let Mark do a little guest post showing off his "Press Pass" tour of the event.

We partied it up Mexi-style at work on Quatro de Mayo (a little pre-Cinco de Mayo fiesta). Made the most delicious Black Bean Salsa that got devoured! Even more tasty with Lime Tortilla chips! Find the recipe HERE.

I made this quilt for my sister's babe. You guys...I am going to be an Aunt in just 1-month! This will be the first little one of my side of the fam, so exciting! I had procrastinated finishing the quilt for months now. I finally finished it Friday night just in time for her shower on Saturday! What a fun quilt it was to make! I think I'm going to make another one for myself in different colors.

Her shower was a blast as well, so many cute things! This little girl is going to be SPOILED! Here's her darling shower:

Oh, I made the invites for her shower too. In case you couldn't tell, we did the airline theme again. Here were the invites, which were also so fun to do. I'm lovin' storks right now.


Jessica said...

1: Love that you posted about gram's funeral. Love that lady and her wit! Seriously I hope we both have our minds (and ears) at 100

2: I can't believe there was no line for the ladies room.. and that mark pulled off that disguise. that boy kills me.

3: Love the quilt. The colors are so bright and fun!

4: This little girl is ALREADY Spoiled.. and she isn't even here yet. And I look HUGE in those pictures.. I think you should consider taking them down. That is all.

Robin said...

Following Jessica's lead...
1. I am going to make your gram's health outlook my new mantra. What a great woman!

2. My brother is hilarious, but I don't think he fooled anyone! I know it sounds silly, but that's one thing I've loved about Supercross each year, NO LADIES' ROOM LINES!!

3. I LOVE the quilt. Your talent knows no ends!

4. I want to have a party soon, any kind of party, just so that I can hire you to make some extremely adorable airline-themed invites and favors.

Bryce and Lauren said...

Make one of those quits for yourself eh? Now what would Mrs Mir Shelly need with a baby quilt? Hmmmm :)

Kelly Jean said...

Sorry to hear about your Great Grandma passing away :( She sounds like a beautiful person, though! I love the notes you took on her!

Love that Mark snuck into the ladies room all disguised, haha. Brilliant!

SUCH A DARLING QUILT!!! I'm so impressed you made that!? Wow! Talent. So exciting that you get to be an aunt [on your side of the fam] -- eeeekkk!!!! :) :)

MelanieBrenchley said...

Michelle - you are :
#1 - lucky to have had a fabulous grandma
#2 - always fun to hang with at the Supercross! Glad you have come to like our little redneck hobby!
#3 - lucky again - to have a darling sis and darling almost neice!
#4 - crazy talented!!! Can't wait for you to teach me some photoshop skills one day.