Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

A couple weeks ago Mark, Parker and I went to the Hogle Zoo for free military admission day. I haven't been to the zoo since...high school? Let's just say it was a long time ago. We figured since we both had the day off and nothing better to do we mind as well go check it out. Parker was our "child" and got in free with us.

I think the Elephant exhibit was this way when I last saw it, but I could be wrong. I'm always overwhelmed when I read that elephants are pregnant for 22 months! That's a long-A pregnancy if you ask me. But that "little" guy right there is only 1-year-old. I guess it takes some time to put all that matter together. Miraculous!

The Asian Cats exhibit was pretty cool, but where are the LIONS?! So sad they don't have lions anymore. At least the cute sleeping tigers were cool.

The giraffes are always my favorite! Such looong necks and looong tongues. Plus, they are just so pretty.

As can't go to the Zoo without getting a picture by the lion drinking fountain. Mark's getting a little to big for it I think...

And last but not least...playing at the zoo playground. Yes...I sat and waited for 10 minutes to take my turn in the egg shell. The 5-year-olds were pretty upset I kicked them out. I definitely think the zoo would be a lot more fun if we had little kiddos to haul around and let them "Ooh" and "Ahh" at all the animals. We walked through the entire zoo in about an hour and half. I think that's an all time record! Such a great way to spend a free day of fun though!

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Kelly Jean said...

Haha, I love that Parker was your son for the day ;) He's such a stud!

Yeah - 22 months of being pregnant!??! Yikes! I've had a great pregnancy, but to think of being pregnant for 14 more months is just kind of exhausting!

Agree with ya about the giraffes -- they've always been my fave :)

And haha, way to let the child-in-you play in the egg shell! Totally support.