Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Moab or Bust!

This makes post #5 today! Be sure to check out my plethora of updates...

I'm not going to lie, I have been avoiding writing this post because I didn't want to have to pick between so many awesome photos to share! So...after slimming down the album...I still bring you a bucket load of photos. But don't worry...they're all well worth it!

So... every year we go on "Spring Break" with Mark's family down to "Moab". I say "Spring Break" because it's usually never really around that time, but we call it that anyway; and I say "Moab" because we actually go down to Indian Creek in the Canyonlands which is about an hour south of Moab. But for some reason "Spring Break" and "Moab" have always stuck.

This year I was EXTREMELY EXCITED to go because Mark bought me my very own bike! Yipee! I got a slightly used 2009 Kawasaki KLX 140L. It's perfect! I really love it and it was such a great "surprise" to see it show up in my driveway the night before we left.

Our trip is always filled with some fabulous hikes up to old Indian ruins and climbing on big red rocks. The kiddos could seriously go on hike after hike all day long. Us old farts can't keep up!

You know what one of my favorite things about camping is? The Food! Are you surprised? I thought not. Mark and I were in charge of one of the dinners and we made some not-so-low-calorie Navajo Tacos. Yum.


In fact, they were soo good it caused one of Scott's crowns to jump off with exciting. Good thing Dr. Mark, DDS was there to the rescue with his handy dandy super glue.

So I lied...campfires may be my favorite part about camping. Are you allowed to have two favorites? I guess the fact that I love campfires for the S'mores kind of encompasses them all.

On one of those 98 Degrees-Hotter than Hell days we drove into Moab and spent the day swimming. It was so refreshing! Not to mention it was nice to finally shower for a change. That last picture of Mark and Eric KILLS me! Could I have caught that moment any better...Erik's half-drunk smile while emerging from the water after going down the slide. HI-larious.

Avery found a rattle snake close to camp one day, and if you know anything about the Montgomery boys it's that they love a good insect/rodent/reptile...and killing it that is. Freaky!

Leave it up to Mark to perform a sanitary dissection in the mild of the desert. Of course, the boys had to then cook up the meat over the campfire and taste-test it. Sick-sick-sick.

We can't forget about the awesome riding! This year was so hot, and so dry, that the sand was really loose and hard to ride on. We managed to make our way around though. Who's this sexy rider of a man?

What riding trip is complete without a few scraps and bruises? Some in more pleasant spots than others.... (excuse the bum-shot)

Personally, I enjoyed a good break from the heat every now and again in one of the nice air conditioned RVs. Who ever said you can't watch a cartoon while camping?

What a FUN trip Spring Break was this year. I could go back tomorrow! I seriously LOVE being gross and dirty out in the wilderness just kickin' it. I married into one good family for that. Next year can't get here soon enough!

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