Thursday, July 5, 2012

Couples Trip - Moab Repelling

We have some cool friends that do really cool things. So when Janson and Tara (check 'em out here) invited us to go on their second-annual Couples Repelling Trip in Moab we couldn't pass it up! Mark and I had never been repelling before (unless you count the rock wall at the carnival), so we were both excited to try out this new sport. Good thing Janson's a pro, so our lives were in good hands.

The first day we drove down and did a short repel down Teardrop Canyon in the Arches National Park. It consisted of ALOT of  hiking (in 106 degree desert sun might I add), and 3 repels that gradually got longer and longer. The last drop was about 150 ft. of free hanging repelling. NEATO!

The next day we repelled in the Medieval Chambers. These were so nice because it got us out of the hot desert sun and into some nice cool chambers.

Next we repelled off this wicked arch (that I cannot remember the name of). I can't remember how high it was, but it was high. Each couple would slide down one side of the arch on the same rope and gradually make your way off the top of the arch. From their it was nothing but you, a rope, and wide open air. This was my favorite repel because so many people were freaking out! Hilarious, because while most wives were yelling at their husbands to stay away from the edge...Mark was yelling at me to stay away from edge :) It was so cool!

The hike out from the Medieval chambers was brutal. Mark and I were so sick of walking in the hot sun we ran ahead of the group just to try to get it over with! What we didn't realize was our backpacks had all the water, and when everyone else ran out we weren't their to aide their thirst. Oops!

Ironically, this next repel we were all wishing we were back in that hot weather. Peladies was a series of repels down waterfalls in this enclosed canyon. It was really neat, and quite beautiful, but it was FREEZING! Even with our sexy wet suits on, we nearly all froze to death in that cold spring water down in the dark cold caverns.

Definitely glad to experience this one, but even more glad to get out of the wet cold and back into the sun! We can't say "Thank You!" enough to Tara and Janson for this awesome trip. We are totally in again next year!


Kelly Jean said...

Oh, that looks so fun!! Glad you were able to go! :)

MelanieBrenchley said...

Your trip looks like it was a blast. And ps... you are a little bit crazy, Miss-Hanging-Upside-Down-Girl :)