Sunday, August 12, 2012

July '12

I had to pull out my phone and go through the past month to see if anything exciting ever happened. And....not so much. But there are few things I'll document anyway.

Let's start out with the 4th of July shall we? Mark had to work the holiday so I spent the day in Murray with the fam. As tradition would have it, we woke up for the Murray Parade, ate lots of taffy, and spent an evening at the West Jordan rodeo complete with Fireworks.

Next up...I cut my hair. I was trying really hard for a really long time to grow my hair out. However, it had been driving me crazy for the past...oh...6 months or so. It's just always in the way! I just don't handle long hair very well people. So after a much needed hair trim was scheduled and approximately 10 people told me NOT to cut it short again...I cut it short. Oops. But I'm lovin' it.

Halle's baby-blessing shortly followed and she was so stinkin' cute in her blessing dress. I feel like I brag a lot about how cute my niece is. It's kind of pathetic really...she's not even my kid and I still want to show her off. I swear, I get more comments/likes whenever I post a picture of Halle on FB or IG than on all other photos I've posted combined. She makes me feel kind of popular...OK. Thanks for letting me share the bragging rights Jessica.

I learned a very important life lesson on Halle's blessing day...."Don't change diapers on your lap." I thought I was being really skilled when I offered to change Halle's diaper and set her on my lap while sitting on the couch. The second I got her diaper undone she decided to blowout all over me. Yes...right in my lap, all over my Sunday best. Needless to say I won't be doing that again.

Next up in the Camera Roll....Mark randomly decides to buy a king mattress (I know this is real exciting...). We should have done this years ago, but when you're newlyweds you think you'll enjoy snuggling up close every single night. Why a random purchase? Well Mark has always wanted a tempur-pedic king sized mattress, but when he discovered a really great deal on KSL for a brand new one that was 85% off retail he couldn't resist. Now he sleeps in pure bliss.

I'm also excited about this because it means I get to go shopping for a whole new bedroom! I may have splurged a bit already and got the 780 thread count sheets. Can you say heavenly!? I'll probably wait until we are moved out of Mark's parents house to do the rest (they get home in 3 months...CRAZY!). Plus I have other pressing issues to figure where in the heck we are going to live then.  Speaking shopping/rental searching is NOT FUN. I'm quickly remembering how expensive the cost of living is (the free rent has been a dream!) and how much I HATE moving. Wish me luck...please.

Until later...enjoy!

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