Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Caramel Crisp Mallows

I ate nothing but sugar all day long today (literally...french toast for breakfast, 2 doughnuts for lunch, Hostess Zingers for a snack and Smacks cereal for dinner)...so naturally I was craving more sugar when I went grocery shopping tonight. Annnnd, it just so happens to be the best time of year to buy sugar. I saw this bag of caramels and instantly starting craving Caramel Crisp Mallows, a childhood favorite of mine when my mom would make them in the Fall. So, I thought I would share as these are a great way to "Kick Off Fall." Plus...I'm bored and on a bit of a sugar high so I need to release some jitters here...

Caramel Crisp Mallows

2 Bags Caramels
1 Can Sweet & Condensed Milk
1 Bag Regular Marshmallows
1 Box Rice Crispies

Unwrap all those dozens of tiny little caramel cubes from their cellophane wrappings and dump in a saucepan. 
Add your can of Sweet & Condensed Milk (but save a spoonful for yourself) to the saucepan with the caramels.
Melt down the caramels and milk on low heat while stirring constantly. This works better on a double-broiler to prevent the bottom from burning the caramel, but my other saucepan was dirty and I was too lazy to wash it.
It takes patience but keep stirring the caramel and milk until it's smooth and creamy ( you can also sneak some caramel to eat here...but don't burn yourself). 
Once your caramel is melted and smooth, stab a marshmallow with a fork and swirl it in the caramel until it's covered on all sides. Twist off any extra caramel.
Drop the marshmallow into a big bowl of Rice Crispies and toss until it's completely covered.
Set the coated marshmallow on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper to cool. And that's it, they're done! It's tempting, but wait for them to completely cool before you dig in, otherwise you will burn yourself. But trust me when I say these bad boys are delish!

Happy Fall!


Jessica said...

As I sit here eating my giant pink sugar cookie... I'm thinking I'll need to make these soon. Yum. P.S. I think it's so fantastic that you took step by step picture.

Liz and Logan said...

I've tried making these before (with your recipe) and it's SO much harder than it looks/sounds! You guys are just pro at it. They are delicious when they turn out, however :)

McCall said...

YUMMY! I always loved getting these from your house!

emma said...

yummmmmmmmmmmm i need to try this. thanks for sharing michelle!