Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day Riding

Wishing I could have another Monday off this week...instead I'll reminisce back on last week and our awesome adventure riding in Delle with some of our Montgomery peeps. We haven't made it out riding in the past little while (Mark started this super lame thing called school), so we were really excited to pack up our bikes and head out.

Little did we know we were a good hour ahead of the rest of the pack, so we made it out to Delle and sat in the hot sun watching Moulin Rouge on Mark's phone for a little while (we couldn't ride because Mark's bike had a flat tire and we had to wait for Scott who was bringing his air pump). Finally, everyone showed up and Mark was able to fix his bike up for some good riding.

Mark is such a stud on his bike...seriously! Some may think Delle is a lame desolate place to go riding, but we know otherwise. There is a little track that the boys like to play around on while us girls can go as fast as want on the salt flats.

We did head out on a longer ride out to one of the big hills up on the mountain...but on the way my bike broke down. Bummer. Remember how I just got my bike this year and I've already blown the clutch?!? LAME. So...Mark had to go grab his truck while I pushed my bike a good mile down a dirt trail in the hot sun to meet him. And let's not talk about how awesome my hair is after it's been in a helmet all day...

Regardless of my bike breaking down and getting stranded the dessert...we had a fun time riding with this happy bunch. Us Montgomery's know how to get dirty! 

Later that night we went to my parent's house for a BBQ with my mom's side of the family. As usual...I failed to get any pictures of anything but cute Halle. I can't believe how big she is getting! And I can't get enough of how smiley she was for Uncle Mark. She seems to think he's just as silly as I do. Love.

That's it for us. Now it's back to school and work for rest of the year. Hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day as much as we did!


Kelly Jean said...

You are wearing some killer pants! Haha - love 'em! And Moulin Rouge!! Ah. I need to watch that one again. So good. Sounds like a great Labor Day!

MelanieBrenchley said...

Total bummer about your bike! Hope that clutch is an easy fix. I just saw your Oregon pics too. Wow they are amazing. Looks like so much fun.