Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1 LT Mark Montgomery

Oh happy day...Mark is officially a First Lieutenant in the Army, serving as a Nurse in the Army Medical Department. We've been waiting for months and months for his paperwork to get approved for his promotion and last Sunday, September 30th he finally got to tear off that gold bar and replace it with a black (AKA "Silver") one. Moving on up baby!

So like any good wife would do, I went and cheered him on and had the honor of slapping on his new rank onto his uniform. (Awkward...I felt like we were getting married all over again as we stood next to each other facing his commander. I don't think I was suppose to stand like that but everyone else was standing all official, it just seemed appropriate at the time I guess).

Way to go Markie! You've worked hard over the past year, you deserve that nice little bump in pay-grade and to no longer be at the bottom of the Officer pack!


Kelly Jean said...

SO awesome, congrats!!!! That's such a huge accomplishment!

And haha, Michelle! You are so funny. I LOVE that you came over the other week -- it was such a pleasant surprise!! Apology not even necessary - you are always welcome to come over!! Thanks for being an awesome friend. Love ya!!!

Bryce and Lauren said...

Congrats Mark! Lets celebrate. Meet you guys at Hug-hes :)

emma said...

awesome! congrats to your hubby!

MelanieBrenchley said...

Way to go Lt. Rufio. And way to go to the supportive wife!