Thursday, February 21, 2013

We do fun things...sometimes

Mark the other day pointed out to me, "The only reason you think we haven't done anything fun lately is because you haven't sat down and blogged about it. You need to blog so you can reflect back on all that we've done!"

It's true...sometimes I feel like Mark and I are pretty boring. But I took his advice and whipped out the old blog to reminisce (with the help of instagram) on all that has happened in the past couple months...because there is ALOT!

Mark and I were able to squeeze in one excellent snow day last year. Weekends together are a rare thing for us, so we decided we'd take full advantage of this one and pack in some much needed fun on the slopes. Melanie and Steve have season passes at Snow Basin and are allowed so many buddy passes for 1/2 price each season. They were kind enough to let us use the buddy passes, lucky us! The snow was great at first, but once the sun came out things started to get icy and Mark and I were both pooped long before the day was over. It's such fun to hop on those lifts with my Markie and race him down the hills though! 

The view of Mount Ogden was absolutely stunning that day! The weather really was perfect and you could see the entire valley for what seemed like eternity. 

And it's pretty depressing when your husband looks better in spandex than you do. That lucky duck has the metabolism of a teenager.

New Year's Eve we were invited to Lauren & Bryce's party. We went and saw their cute new place for the first time and rang the new year in with style! Lauren and Candace were both well underway in their pregnancies at this time so they tried to convince the rest of us to make 2013 the baby-making year. I suppose that was a "resolution".

On January 4th Melanie had her 4th little boy. I just love a good fresh baby! Sweet little Spencer Mark Brenchley is just as handsome as his brothers and Mark couldn't be more proud to have our newest nephew middle-named after him. Melanie asked me help her with little Spenc's baby announcement. It wasn't very hard to make it cute with this little guy center stage:

 Next up...

January 16th was my mom's 50th birthday!!! Yay cute mama. She had asked me earlier with anticipation, "Are you going to throw me a party!?" I told her she was getting to old for parties, but little did she know that Jessica and I were already planning the birthday party of her lifetime! She was completely surprised and not even one bit suspicious that she had to come help a friend pick up "quilting tables" from their church building. Such trickery! She was loved by so many friends and family that day...a well deserved treat indeed.

The rest of January and the beginning of February was a bit of dud because I came down with a wretched cold! I literally had that bug for over a month and I have never been so stuffed up or addicted to cough drops in my life. But there was a whole lot of happiness for me on February 9th when Mark and I found out that...

We're having a little baby boy!!!! Due July 27, 2013. This little boy of ours couldn't be more exciting for us. Now if we could just figure out what we've gotten ourselves into...wish us luck. We're going to need it. 

And last but not least...Mark has always been the hopeless romantic in our relations, and I love it! He always does such a dang good job on Valentine's Day, while I...I lack in comparison. I think Mark is trying to fatten me up now that I'm "eating for two" because not only did I get a sweet note on the bathroom mirror with a dozen chocolate covered strawberries in the fridge, BUT he also sent me a dozen roses at work along with ANOTHER dozen strawberries. This girl was not complaining I can tell you that. He knows me so well...chocolate and more chocolate. :) I hastily ran to the store after work that night to make up for my lack of Valentine's preparations and brought Mark his favorite dinner while he worked that night. Such a good wife, ha! Maybe I'll do better next year.


Norman & Trynitee Peat said...

Congratulations little missy! I am very excited for you two and you will make a great mommy!

Alexandra said...

you look very thin in these photos michelle!! and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Kelly Jean said...

That looks like the birthday party of a lifetime!!! You always create the cutest things.... like the baby boy you're going to have this year!!!!!! Aaaaahhh!!!!!! I am just so elated you're joining the mama-bandwagon! It's so great!! And you are going to be such a hip, fun, stylish, perfect mama!!!! Yay!!!! Congrats again!!!! :) :)