Saturday, May 18, 2013

Go-Karts and Supercross

Man I am on a roll today with these blog posts! I guess I'll just keep rolling with it while I have the motivation. A few weekends ago I had the most pleasant time being outdoors enjoying this beautiful sunshine. First I headed out to the Miller Sports Park in Tooele to watch my brother Alex race in his first Go-Kart race. He recently took up the sport after testing it out a Young Men's activity and has been obsessed with it ever since.

It was fun to see him in his racing gear, looking all fly and stuff. He's such a fun boy, and I'm glad there's finally someone else in the family who likes being as dangerous and adventurous and me (despite my current lack of excitement). I'll support that any day! Good job on your first race Alex!

That night we had tickets to go the Supercross race at Rice-Eccles stadium, a yearly tradition for us ever since we've been dating. Mark and his brother Scott were two lucky ducks though, they won some VIP tickets to hang out in the pits earlier that day. Here they are, with some of our nephews and niece, getting free Monsters and meeting cool people I can't remember the names of.

I was able to meet up with them after my brothers race just in time for the Supercross race to start. It's crazy to think that this was our 4th time coming together (we missed a year because Mark was in Texas for some army training), and next year there will be 3 of us coming!

Needless to say...we had a pretty good time. Way to go Villopoto!

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Kelly Jean said...

So fun!! I love keeping up with traditions like that :) and ahhh... Soon there will be THREE OF YOU!!!!!