Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcoming Harvey Mark

It's almost been two months since this sweet little boy joined our family! As I look at him now I can hardly believe how big he is compared to the teensy little thing he was when he was born, but I remember it like it was yesterday...

I woke up Saturday, August 3, feeling miserable like usual seeing how I was exactly 1 week overdue. I'd been having uncomfortable "contractions" for weeks at that point, so nothing really seemed too out of the blue. Mark was gone for his Drill weekend, but they were hosting a Family BBQ that day. Mark asked that if I felt up to it I should meet him at the BBQ. I decided I'd go. I hoped in the car to drive out to Camp Williams and the second I got on the freeway I started having REAL contractions (the difference between a Braxton Hick and a real contraction suddenly became very apparent). I thought, "Labor takes hours! I have plenty of time to go enjoy the BBQ before I should take action".

I got to the BBQ and Mark came to meet me...right while I was in the middle of a contraction. I couldn't talk to him, I could barely even acknowledge he was those things are painful! He yelled, "What in the heck are you doing here?! We need to get you to the hospital!" But I assured him that they just started and no way could they be close enough together that we should go to the hospital. Mark pulled out his phone anyway and started timing my contractions. Turns out they were exactly 4-5 minutes apart. He convinced me it was time to go, so I drove back home and he followed behind me in his truck (looking back, it was really dumb of me to drive in that condition). By the time we got home I knew it was time, I was in pain!

We checked into the hospital and they got me all hooked up to monitor my contractions and see if it was the real deal. The nurse didn't seem too enthusiastic at first because I was hardly dilated, but luckily my contractions were strong enough and close enough together that they moved me into delivery. Harvey was turned facing up instead of down, so they told me it would be helpful to walk around a bit and try some different exercises to move him, but that also meant I couldn't get my epidural yet. I thought I'd give it a try, but after 5 minutes I said "Get me my epidural!" Best decision ever! The rest was all down hill from there! They broke my water and about 6 hours later the doctor came to check on me and, low and behold, Harvey had twisted on his own and I was dilated to a 9. She said, "Lets just give it a try."

I was so unprepared for it to really be "time". Labor was suppose to take all day! How could I possibly already be ready to push! I gave it one good push and the next thing I knew everybody was running around, suiting up, lights retracted from the ceiling, and we were one our way! 27 minutes later my life changed forever! Sweet little Harvey Mark Montgomery was born at 7:26 p.m., weighing 8 lbs, 1oz and measuring 21.5 inches. Everything about him was perfect! And what a dream delivery!

He had meconium so,  after a quick cut of the umbilical cord by daddy, they had to hand him off to the NICU team to suction out his lungs. I had also sparked a fever during labor so they wanted to watch him that night in the Nursery and make sure he didn't catch an infection and monitor his breathing. We are so blessed to have this healthy baby boy! What a joy it was to have all of our family and friends come and visit us during our stay in the hospital, too. We felt so loved and we know Harvey did too.

Harvey and his name sake, his great-grandpa Harvey Pulley. Couldn't think of a greater man to be named after. 

So squeaky clean after his first bath. If only mom could get one now...

Harvey had to stay in the nursery for an extra day to finish a round of antibiotics that were precautionary. But finally we got to take our sweet little boy home! He was so handsome in his "going home outfit", complete with the sweetest little booties knitted by Grandma Montgomery. 

So glad you joined the family Harv! You've been an absolute joy!

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