Saturday, February 15, 2014

Humble Adobe

July 2013

We bought a house! It sort of all happened so fast, and what should be a monumental moment in our lives was quickly outdone by the monumental birth of Harvey. We closed on the house just weeks before my due date. Knowing there were some project we wanted to do, we waited until after Harvey's birth to move in. Plus we didn't want to bring Harvey home to a half-delapitated home. 

On my due date, July 27, we sold our old kitchen cabinets on KSL for $700 and even had the luxury of having someone else do all the demolition for us. Not to shabby of a deal if you ask me! Ones man's junk is another man's treasure!

Harvey was born 1 week later, and while we waited in the hospital our amazing brother-in-law Shane and my sister Jessica went and tore out some walls for us. Seriously, we were blessed to have family help us during this crazy time. We could never have done it without them. It was a bit of a pain tearing down this wall because it was load bearing. We had to have it engineered for new beams, but we are so glad we went the extra step to do so because we LOVE the new open flow of our living/dining/kitchen area. It makes it look so much larger!

The next 6 weeks were pure chaos as we juggled life with a new little babe and the home remodel. I couldn't have been more excited though to finally get my dream kitchen...

Thanks to a diligent husband who constantly reminds me of the importance of saving money, we were able to do make our new home exactly the way we wanted it. 

We moved out of our rental when Harvey was just 6 weeks old and moved into the "warzone" that was our house. Anyone who has ever done a remodel will tell you that it always takes longer than expected. For some reason you never listen though and say "we cand do it". Well...we didn't. Over the next month our lives were upside down. I cleaned bottles in the bathroom sink, ate cereal and fast food for every meal, and had to escape the house for hours at a time so Harvey get some sleep away from all the comotion in the house. But it was all worth it, becuase soon it all started to come together! 

Shane re-did our fireplace and it might just be one of my favorite things we did in the whole house! Our kitchen turned out better than I ever imagined. It has been soooo nice finally having a place to call "home" and have it just the way we like it! 


Do you love my "Super White" dolomite countertops as much as I do?! They are right up there with my fireplace as far as favorites go. I wanted the look of Marble soo bad, but didn't want the headache and upkeep that comes with it (I'd heard terror stories of marble countertops staining and etching). When I discovered this beautiful stone I thought it was marble as first. The fact that it's twice as dense as granite though and doesn't stain or etch won me over! I've loved it. 

I wanted my cabinets to have the modern shaker feel, but still have a timeless classic look as well. My cabinet shop was awesome and custom made this door style for me. I love my dark island in contrast to the white outers and my hickory floors.

There are still a few other things we'd like to do to our house, but we have plently of time throughout of life here to do so. It's perfect for our family right now, we love it here!


Kaylee said...

Oh my heck...perfection! Straight out of a magazine perfection. Although, I wouldn't expect anything less from you, you designer diva. I looooove it!

Alexandra said...

whoa you did so good!!!!!! i love it! i showed jon and he agreed you guys did a good job. i love your sofa. we have a light blue velvet sofa in storage and seeing yours here made me miss mine! good job!

the cape on the corner said...

i just found your post thru pinterest, and do you still this countertop? i love the subway tile you cabinets are dark though. i think i'd have to do white subway tile.