Monday, July 14, 2014

4th of July

Can you believe that in the past 5 years Mark and I had never spent a 4th of July together!? Mark has always been scheduled to work over the 4th, so I've always just flown solo and hung out with my family doing our usual traditions.

So... you can imagine how great it was to finally have Mark with us for this 4th of July. Per usual, we spent the day with my family at Murray City's "Fun Days"...starting off with the parade. My dad usually always stakes out a spot in the park and sets up his shade tents and chairs the day before the parade, meaning we get one of the best spots in town (if you ask me)!

Parker was in the parade with the rest of the Student Body Officers for the high school. He's Student Body President next year...we're so excited for him!

By the end of the parade Harvey was zonked! He feel asleep right on me and stayed asleep for quite awhile. In the meantime, we went and watched Halle do some of the rides at the carnival.  She loved the swings and the big blow up slide.

We went home and crashed that afternoon and got a good nap in before we headed back to the park for fireworks. Mark was in heaven as we got some old fashion snow cones (you know the good old kind made of actual crushed ice in cones that you can rip off the bottom and suck the juice out of), and I may have needed a little extra sugar to help keep me awake... hence the cotton candy. 

Harvey impressively stayed up late enough to watch the fireworks, but he didn't last through the whole thing. He fell asleep about 20 minutes into them, but he loved watching them while he fell asleep in dads arms! 

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McCall said...

Such a cute family! I love your top, Michelle!