Thursday, July 10, 2014

San Antonio

A couple months ago we went on such a great trip with my family to San Antonio, TX. I have always loved San Antonio and this was my 5th time visiting. I had been with dance companies and for competitions, but never with my family. Mark lived there for periods of time during his boot-camp days and also during a summer of officer training. Although neither of us would find it an enjoyable place to live (the heat!) we both love visiting!

This was our first trip of any kind with Harvey. We were not sure what to expect or really how to even prepare. The poor dudey came down with an ear infection just 2 days before our trip. Luckily we were able to get him started on some antibiotics right before we left, but the plane ride there was less than enjoyable for all of us. Baby Einstein videos were the only thing that made it semi-manageable!

We made sure to knock out one of the most important things first...Barbeque! We hit up our favorite in-and-out Texas BBQ joint, Rudy's, right when we got there. Then we tucked ourselves into bed with full bellies and travelers hangover.

The next day, Friday, we went to Six Flags. Both my sister Jessica and I had just announced that we were pregnant (she's having twins!), so I was glad to have a side-line partner to hang out with while everyone else went on the big rides. It worked out pretty well...we took Halle and Harvey on all the little kid rids so it didn't even really feel like we missed out on anything.

Sunday we hit up Sea World! Harvey loved all of the shows and fishes and was surprising so easy to please! I thought the theme parks would be a lot more difficult with Harvey than it was. For the most part, he slept really well in his stroller and was pretty easy to entertain. But by the end of each day he was definitely exhausted. So was I!

Monday we headed to downtown San Antonio and the River favorite! We started it off by hitting up the Alamo. It always blows my mind how well they have maintained the original structure, it really it quite neat. But I love that right in the middle of this big city it is such a quaint and respectful scene.

We had the most delicious lunch on the River Walk at Boudro's, which is our favorite. They make THE best guacamole fresh at your table. Afterward we went on a river boat ride and walked around the city some more. The River Walk really is one of my favorite places ever.

Tuesday we all just needed a break, so we hung out at our condo and did some pool side lounging. How cute is Harvey in his little swim trunks with that white pudgy belly!?!

Our condo was actually located in New Braunfels in a little town called Greune (pronounced Green). It was once a little German settlement, and it was so quaint and cute! It sort of reminded me of Park City,  but much much smaller and a lot more "country". There was a country dance hall where they held big square dancing gatherings every night and a live country band played. We had dinner at the Grist Mill, which was a restaurant inside of an old mill house, it was so cool! And the food was could you go wrong?! So many pictures I failed to take!

Wednesday we visited the Natural Bridge Caverns. I've been through plenty of caves in my life, but nothing quite like these caverns! Here in Utah, you hike way up a mountain side to get to caves. In Texas, you hike down into the ground! It was so trippy to think that we were hundreds of feet below the ground, people walking on top of the cave roof without a clue what was underneath. The Caverns were ginormous too! I wish we could have spent more time in them, but the second we were under ground Harvey started flipping out, big time! He did NOT like being down in the caves! So to spare everyone else in our tour group the grief, they let Mark and I walk ahead of the group to get out sooner. 

Thursday we hit up the shopping outlets in New Braunfels. It wasn't really anything particularly special or unique to Texas, but who doesn't love a little vacation shopping. Well...I'll tell you who, Mark. He HATES shopping. The word alone gives him a headache. So I should say that I enjoyed some vacation shopping. 

Every time we were driving somewhere on the freeway we always saw people parked on the side of the road taking pictures (family pictures, baby pictures,  you name it) in the flowers. We couldn't figure out why the heck so many people were doing this! We asked our Aunt who lives there what it was all about, and it turns out your not a true Texan until you've taken your picture in the Blue Bonnets (wearing your white, of course). So, naturally, Jessica and I went and found a hill side of blue bonnets on the side of the freeway and got some pictures of Halle and Harvey. Aren't they so stinkin' cute!?

Friday we bid adieu to Texas and headed home. I wish I could say the flight home was much easier than the flight there, but as luck would have it Harvey cut his first tooth the night before and was pretty much Mr. Grumpy pants the entire way home. So not like my happy go lucky boy! We had such a great time spending time with family though, it's always a treat! 

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