Sunday, September 7, 2014

Harvey's Picnic & Country Fair First Birthday

I love any excuse for a good party, so you can imagine my excitement in planning and putting together Harvey's first birthday party! I started prepping in advance because a) I was really excited about it; and b) I knew my pregnant belly was only going to slow me down more and more with time, so the more I could prep in advance the better off I knew I'd be.

I had the idea to do a picnic themed party...but Mark didn't think that a picnic made for much of a party. He was very determined that a bouncy house would be at the with that we sort of just threw our ideas together and came up with a "Country Fair Picnic." It could not have turned out any more perfect!

Here are the invites I designed...

Now, I knew Mark wanted the bouncy house and all, but I just really didn't quite believe how serious he was about it all; until I got a text one day saying he had reserved a bouncy house slide for the party...and a cotton candy maker... and a snow cone maker! Not to mention...we had already arranged for Mark's dad to bring his ponies as well! Talk about a party! Harvey got the birthday of his lifetime on the first go, because I don't know if we can manage to pull all this off again! (sorry child #2 and any who follow...)

But here is how it all turned out! It was so cute and everyone had so much fun! Especially Harvey. Definitely worth it to celebrate our little guy's 1st year!




See...was this not the most perfect Country Fair Picnic ever!? We couldn't have pulled it off with out the help of wonderful family either.  The little kids LOVED riding the ponies. And Mark was spot on with the bouncy house slide...we couldn't keep Halle off of it.



Harvey wasn't too sure about the whole birthday cake smash thing. Really, he was just kind of weirded out by everyone staring and singing at him. But once he lost the attention of a few by-standers he decided he could maybe have a little bit of fun with the cake after all...


 Although...I think he liked eating the straw more than the cake!

Thanks again to everyone who came out and helped us celebrate Harvey's 1st. He was spoiled, that is for sure! We had a blast and we hope you did, too! Seriously...I can hardly believe my little guy is 1!


McCall said...

What a CUTE birthday party!! You did such a great job! Happy Birthday, Harvey!

Lori Jane said...

That was quite possibly the most elaborate/fantastic party ever.